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Frozen Programs Troubleshoot

Computers don’t always work the way we want them to, and even the smallest issues can cause the most frustration. One of the most common issues is programs freezing randomly. The odd program freezing every now and then is not something to worry about, if it happens with every program you load, then you will have a hard time using your system. Frozen programs don’t like to close either when you left-click the ‘X’ and nothing happens. Today I will guide you through getting rid of those frozen programs.

1. Press the icon and type ‘Task Manager’:

2. Left-click ‘Task Manager’ and then left-click the program that’s unresponsive:

3. After you’ve selected the unresponsive program, left-click the ‘End task’ button in the bottom right:

Now the program has been force-closed, force-closed is when a program has been closed no matter what state it is in. I only recommend using this process to force-close completely unresponsive programs.

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