Audio and Smart Speakers

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Audio and Smart Speakers

Purchased a smart speaker and need help to configure and set it up, or just need some advice on which model is best for your individual needs, we can advise supply, and fully install in your home.

What is a smart speaker?

In simple terms ‘smart speakers’ are wireless speakers with voice-control built into them. Basically, if you can speak commands at your wireless speaker to make it do things, then it’s a smart speaker.

Smart speakers tend to be single or paired wireless speakers and have artificial intelligence (AI) from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft or Samsung built into them.

What can a smart speaker do?

You can ask your smart speaker to play a song or playlist. You can ask it to set a timer while cooking. You can control your TV or other audio systems. You can request it to turn down the lights in your room, turn up the heating, request weather reports for your current or other areas, check the traffic, book an Uber, create do list or shopping lists or even get it to tell you a joke.

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