Is your computer running slow?

Service & Tune Windows / Mac operating systems

Full Virus Scan to ensure no virus or malware exists

Clean internal Fans and apply fresh Thermal Paste to Processors

Upgrade hard disk to SSD for super fast performance

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer! 

As computers get older, their performance will naturally decrease. One of the most common factors is wear and tear on the hard disk, as it’s probably been spinning for years.

Overtime, the internal fans can clog up with dust, causing the computer to start running hot. In response to this, the computer will slow down to protect itself.

The software, also through the natural process of applications being installed and removed, overtime can cause the operating system to become inefficient.

You may not notice the speed decrease in a computer system, as this change occurs over such a large amount of time. Eventually, you end up with that slow computer, that just makes you want to throw it out the window.

If your machine is painfully slow, then it’s best to take action, as this is a precursor to a more serious fault. This could potentially put your data, photos and information at risk.

At Solent Way Computers, we pump life back into computers with our Service & Tune offer, which will keep your computer in the best possible condition. If needed our Solid State Disk Upgrades, can give unto 8x speed increase over traditional hard disk.

Our free disk check service will check the health status of your existing hard disk and tell you if a Solid State Hard disk is right for your computer.

Solid State Hard Disk Enjoy speeds up to


faster than a traditional hard disk.

All your applications and data are mirrored onto the new disk, so it comes back to you exactly as you brought it to us except faster

Image of user, using a slow computer

Need us to fix your slow computer?

Surf the internet with ease

Slow page loading is not always due to your broadband provider, it may be your computer.

Get started within seconds

Upgrade your existing storage to a Solid State Disk to start-up your computer in seconds.

Subsided loading times

Do away with those ‘unresponsive’ errors that cause your applications to freeze and subside those painfully slow loading speeds.