Solid State Disks (SSDs)

Why Solid State Disk (SSD)  / M.2 Sata

Transform your current Laptop or PC with a solid state hard drive (SSD). Solid State hard drives are much faster and more reliable than conventional hard drives as they contain no moving parts. Traditional hard drives are made up of a spinning disk and a magnetic, movable read/write head. SSD’s on the other hand, use microchips to store data, just like portable USB flash drives. Thus, they have no moving parts, and are much quieter, more durable, and faster than regular drives.

What benefits will I get with a solid state drive?

  1. Lightening fast boot up
  2. Increased read/write speeds when accessing saving data
  3. Applications open so much faster
  4. Improved reliability (2,000,000 plus hours)
  5. Much quieter than conventional hard drives
  6. They use a lot less power, so less head, lower fans speed, so less noice and so overall greener

What about my data

Don’t worry your data is safe, due to the way we move you to an SSD drive, your complete system is backed up, then the data is mirrored across to the new disk and inserted into the system. We will keep the backup safe for 30 days so you can be sure everything is backed up and safe..

We also with all new SSD and Migration services offer 6 months backup to our cloud backup solution absolutely free, this is an extra layer of peace of mind when migrating.

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SSD Upgrades