Apple Repairs & Upgrades

Whether you’re running slow, running out of storage, or simply not running at all!
We’ve got your MacBook or iMac covered, regardless of what Apple may say.

Issues with your system?

Anything from the “spinning beachball of death” to random shutdowns can be caused by the operating system not working correctly.

We have access to various tools and specialist software that can determine where exactly your system is having issues and attempt to repair any missing or corrupted files.

Running slow?

Older Apple devices can suffer from the slower speeds of traditional hard drives – we can replace these with solid state drives that perform tasks six times quicker than your existing hard drive!

Battery not lasting?

Over time your max capacity will decrease and cause your MacBook to deplete quickly when you need it most! Older batteries may also suffer with swelling which can damage internal components and put you at risk! We can replace these batteries quickly and safely.

Moving to a new system?

If you’re looking at upgrading to a newer system, we can migrate all of your data over with ease! Even the oldest Mac’s can be backed up and migrated to the newest systems with expert care and efficiency.

Macs need protection too!

Although Macs are amongst the most secure systems to use, we still recommend using one with internet protection!

Apple’s inbuilt security will not be as efficient at catching and removing viruses, malicious websites and phishing emails – especially on older macOS versions!

We can provide internet security for Macs whether it’s for personal or business use.

Running out of storage?

Regardless of what type of storage your Mac has been fitted with, we can upgrade the amount of storage to suit your needs!

We can provide anything from traditional hard drives to high speed NVMe’s.

Any other questions?