Data Recovery

Have you accidentally erased or formatted a disk or memory card, with important data or photo’s on? Don’t worry it is possible the data has not been permanently erased, and this is where we can help.

First thing, remove the disk / memory card and keep it safe. Do not write any files to it or install it in any other computer.

With our data recovery service, we can access and extract files from mobile storage devices that suffer data loss such as:

  • Accidental deletionData Recovery
  • Errors resulting from moving files
  • Partially overwritten files
  • Reformatting SD cards or USBs
  • Damaged files due to storage failure
  • And more

For memory cards up to 16GB we have a simple £49 charge to recover whatever data is available on the disk. Your data will be written back to a new USB Memory stick, which you can provide or we supply for £10.

In the event that, no data is recoverable we half our recovery charge as we believe this is only fair.

Of course, if you need your data recovered from a hard drive or other high capacity storage device, please contact us to discuss you specific needs.

Please contact us via our contact form, or call on 01329 535001 to discuss your particular needs.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery