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Make your PC startup faster

So you’re going about your day, and decide to go on the computer. You log in just fine, and then BAM!! Every program on your computer is popping up in your face on startup, this can slow the machine down and make it frustrating to use. If you are someone who consistently encounters this issue, then I will guide you through how to fix it and have programs start up on prompt instead of just after you log in.

1. Left-click the icon in the bottom left of your main display and then type ‘Task Manager’:

2. Left-click on ‘Task Manager’ to open it and then you’ll see this window:

3. Left-click the ‘More details’ section and then left-click the ‘Start-up’ tab:

4. Left-click the program(s) you wish to disable, and then, left-click the ‘Disable’ button:

5. Now, when you start your computer up this program won’t pop up, you’ll have to start it up manually.

If you’re experiencing any computer issues, then don’t hesitate to phone 01329 535 001, email [email protected], or visit our site based in Lee-on-the-Solent.

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