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Should you upgrade your Xbox One with an SSD?

Storage technology has come a long way. We no longer use cartridges to load our favourite games; instead, we require actual storage that is both quick and big.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of upgrading your Xbox hard drive to an SSD, dispel some myths, and ultimately address the issue of whether you should update your Xbox hard drive to an SSD. Our simple response is that you should.

An SDD drive offers a significantly faster seek and response time than a regular hard drive, particularly the Seagate drive included with the Microsoft Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. However, there are a few aspects to consider that may not be evident.

Should I upgrade my Xbox hard drive with an SSD?

Things you need to know

The original Xbox featured a SATA II interface, while the Xbox One S and Xbox One X both have a SATA III interface. What does this imply?

The fastest data transfer rate you could ever reach on an Xbox One S or X is 6.0 GB/s, which is fantastic news because most SATA SSDs have the same 6.0 GB/s transfer rate.

Installing an SDD on your Xbox One S or X would seem like a no-brainer, right? No, not exactly.


So, we know the Xbox One interface is 6.0 GBs and the hard drive interface is also 6.0 GBs, so what’s the issue? The Xbox One I/O architecture, to be specific.

Because the CPU and cache within the Xbox One are not like those in a PC or laptop, they are intended primarily for processing rapid graphics, which has certain drawbacks.

Alongside the bespoke Xbox, the processor is a Southbridge chip. The Xbox Southbridge chip is responsible for controlling the inputs and outputs of all the components on the Xbox motherboard, including the hard drive controller, making sure they all harmonise together and are all getting the information they need to perform their operations, and this is where our problem lies. As designed, the Xbox One gives priority to the graphics and main bespoke processor, meaning there will always be a payoff to other components on the motherboard, and in this case, the data transfer speed of the hard drive is limited by design, so as to not overpower (and overheat!) the Southbridge chip.

So, should I upgrade my Xbox hard drive to an SSD?

Although throttled by design, putting an SSD into your Xbox One S or Xbox One X still provides a performance boost. Let’s have a look at the advantages:

  • On average, console start-up time will improve, saving you 10 to 30 seconds on average (depending on your OS version and the number of apps you have installed).
  • Most games will run faster, but not all. The newest edition of Call of Duty booted 15 seconds faster during testing, but the gameplay pace was not enhanced. In comparison, the newest edition of Halo only saved us 5 seconds in boot time.
  • Reliability: we all know that an old mechanical drive will eventually fail, but the non-moving elements of an SDD are far more dependable.
  • Quiet – Your gaming palace will be more serene without the humming of that old mechanical HDD.

Overall, the choice to upgrade or not will be driven by financial considerations. If you are a passionate player with a few more pennies to spare, the rewards are undeniably there.

If, on the other hand, you just play occasionally, the modest speed boost is probably not worth your time, unless your original hard drive has perished, and you need to update regardless.

Our thoughts

Getting an SSD for your console won’t boost your game playing speed; it doesn’t compare to the speeds of an Xbox Series X. However, it is a cheaper option if all you want is a slight upgrade to your console to run, open, and be quieter, so we would recommend it. However, installation isn’t as easy as taking out the old HDD and putting in an SSD in its place.


If you have a few tools, some technology knowledge, and a storage transfer device to transfer your games, data, and the console software, which more than likely, you won’t have all the tools to do that or know how to open it and close it again without causing damage to the console, what to do?

Well, at Solent Way Computers, we do exactly that. We provide SSD upgrades for all devices, such as:

Laptops, desktops, consoles, and more. So, if you need an SSD upgrade, give us a call or come visit our workshop and we will sort you out.


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