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Tips & Tricks

Envato Elements

Want stock imagery for your website or business? Then you need Envato Elements! Envato Elements is a website that provides thousands of stock images,…
Tips & Tricks

Stay Safe on the Web

Now, more than ever, you should be keeping yourself safe while surfing the web. There’s danger lurking in the background, but, if you carry…
Tips & Tricks

Configure your power settings

Windows 10 lets you take control of the built-in power settings. You can use these settings to reduce overall power consumption, set sleep options,…
Tips & Tricks

Clean up your disk space

Microsoft frequently updates Windows 10 with security fixes, where you don’t notice any major changes. Twice a year, Microsoft releases major feature updates with…
Tips & Tricks

Run your older programs

Technology is constantly evolving, and the rate of evolution is rapidly increasing, but unfortunately, not everything will follow suit. Some programs will end their…