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Configure your power settings

Windows 10 lets you take control of the built-in power settings. You can use these settings to reduce overall power consumption, set sleep options, different settings for battery power & charging power (for laptops), and setting screen options. From all of these options, you can say that the power options are quite flexible. Today I will guide you through the configuration of the power settings.

Windows 10 Power settings

1. Press the icon and type ‘Settings’:

2. Left-click ‘Settings’. Then, you need to left-click ‘System’ > ‘Power & sleep’:

Here you’ll see two settings, ‘Screen’ and ‘Sleep’. The Screen setting determines the period of inactivity before the screen turns off, and the Sleep setting determines the period of inactivity until the system suspends all background activity and goes to sleep.

3. We’re going to alter these settings. We recommend setting the ‘Screen’ timer to 45 minutes, and the ‘Sleep’ timer to 1 hour (left-click on the dropdown and select the recommended times):

Now your screen will shut off after 45 minutes and go into Sleep mode after a full hour of inactivity, reducing your overall power consumption.

Windows 10 power plans

Windows 10 power plans determine the level of energy that the computer uses. Computer energy usage is directly proportionate to the performance of the machine, so the higher level of performance, the more energy it uses. I will guide you through the setup of the ‘power saver’ power plan, reducing overall power consumption.

1. Press the icon and type ‘Control Panel’:

2. Next, left-click ‘Control Panel’ and this window will appear, you’ll then want to left-click ‘Hardware and Sound’:

3. Once you enter into Hardware and Sound, you’ll need to left-click ‘Power Options’:

4. In the Power Options, you will come across the Windows 10 power plans, there are three preset plans, ‘Balanced’, ‘Power saver’, and ‘High performance’. For the purpose of reducing power consumption, we need to switch to the ‘Power saver’ power plan. Simply left-click ‘Power saver’:

Now, your computer will be on the ‘Power saver’ plan, this will have a small effect on the performance but a noticeable effect on the power consumption, you’ll be able to use your machine for longer than before.


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