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What is Kinzoo Messenger?

In today’s article, we are going to review a popular instant-messaging application that goes by the name “Kinzoo Messenger”. It is apart of the Kinzoo family of apps, and can be downloaded on the App Store and the Google Play store.

What is Kinzoo Messenger?

We have already established that Kinzoo Messenger, is an instant-messaging application similar to Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. But how does it differ from its more popular counterparts?

Well, firstly, it’s for kids! It is a child-friendly messaging application, that is built with the intention to connect children to their families and vice versa. Rather than children faking their age on mainstream platforms, messaging strangers and potentially putting themselves in danger.

Kinzoo Messenger protects your children from strangers

If your child/children want to connect with other people, then Kinzoo will request your approval first. This prevents them from random encounters with strangers online.

Family-friendly games and activities

Kinzoo features many fun games and activities that are family-oriented, to encourage cooperation and friendly competition.

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We hope you enjoyed reading today’s article, and that you found it useful. Please feel free to download Kinzoo Messenger and encourage a safer messaging environment.

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