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Want to bypass the login screen? Here’s how to do it!

Passwords are important for the protection of your information, but if no one else uses the password, and you live in an isolated area, using a password to log into your computer is recommended but not required. Today I will show you how to bypass the login screen (if you cannot remember the password, this guide won’t work, this isn’t a guide for hacking).

1. Left-click the icon in the bottom left of the screen

2. Next, type ‘sign in options’ on your keyboard, and then left-click on ‘Sign-in options’

3. Once you’ve entered Sign-in options, this window will pop up, you will then need to left-click on ‘Password’:

4. When you left-click Password it will extend revealing a section, in this section, left-click the ‘Change’ button:

5. This window will appear, you will need to enter the password you currently use to access your system, then left-click ‘Next’:

6. After you’ve entered your current password, you will see a field called ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’, you’ll need to leave these two empty. In the ‘Password hint’ field, type ‘no password’, and then left-click ‘Next’:

7. Great! You’re all done, you can now left-click ‘Finish’ and you will no longer require a password to log into your system when you next log in. When you start your computer up, you can go straight to the desktop.

While passwords can be of an annoyance, we do not recommend erasing your password as it leaves your computer vulnerable in the event of theft. We hope that our guide helped you out. If you have any queries, then phone 01329 535 001, email [email protected] or visit our site at the Fareham Innovation Centre in Unit 7, based in Lee-on-the-Solent.

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