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End of Windows 7, 8 months on…

General News
As of today, it has been just over 8 months since Microsoft ceased security updates for the Windows 7 operating system. If your computer still runs Windows 7 then it…

Clean up your disk space

Tips & Tricks
Microsoft frequently updates Windows 10 with security fixes, where you don’t notice any major changes. Twice a year, Microsoft releases major feature updates with the most recent one being the…

Make your PC startup faster

Quick Fixes
So you’re going about your day, and decide to go on the computer. You log in just fine, and then BAM!! Every program on your computer is popping up in…

Run your older programs

Tips & Tricks
Technology is constantly evolving, and the rate of evolution is rapidly increasing, but unfortunately, not everything will follow suit. Some programs will end their life cycle on an older version…