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Receive Outlook Notifications on your Desktop

Outlook is one of the most widely used email services in the world. It is for personal, school, and office use. But sometimes we miss our emails and will go days without reading one, this is because we don’t even know that we’re receiving them. Well, fortunately, I will guide you through a solution that will fix this issue. (Note: This guide is for those who are already signed in to Outlook Live)

1. Go to Outlook Live:

2. Next, you will need to left-click the icon in the top right in-between the question mark and the calendar:

3. Now you need to left-click the ‘Desktop notifications’ checkbox:

4. Microsoft Edge likes to block notifications, in the far right of the search bar there will appear a notification saying that notifications are blocked, it looks like a bell with a red X by the side. Left-click this notification and then left-click ‘Allow for this site’:

And that’s it, you will now receive Outlook notifications on the desktop.

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