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Improve your browsing experience today!

Surfing the web is what a computer is used for the most. We use it for scrolling on Facebook, shopping for nice gifts & clothes, for online grocery shopping, messaging loved ones, you name it, we do it on a web browser. But not many people give it thought, and there are ways that even you reading this can improve your browsing experience. In this online tutorial, I will guide you through many ways of improving your browsing experience.

Learn keyboard shortcuts for less hassle!

We do it all the time, we need to open another tab to find a certain piece of information, and we can’t leave from the original tab. We make use of the tab for a while, and then when we go to make a new one, we accidentally press the ‘X’ button, and it deletes our tab. Then we have to open a new tab and search what we last had up, and this can take many minutes to do so, and we can go into the ‘History’ but it requires some time.

Luckily, I have a quick fix for you, simply look at your keyboard, look at the ‘Ctrl‘ key, the ‘Shift‘ key, and the ‘T‘ key, press all three of them at the same time after you accidentally delete a tab.

Make yourself invisible online

When you browse online, on any web browser, there is a logbook hidden in the settings called ‘History’, this tracks the websites you visit and its sole purpose is keeping it there so you can visit it again at a later date, which is convenient. If you share a computer with someone, this feature can become rather invasive and everyone can see everyone’s search history. Fortunately, there is a quick fix to this. (Note: this guide is for Microsoft Edge users).

In the top right corner of Microsoft Edge is the … settings icon, left-click this, and then left-click the ‘New InPrivate Window’ button, this will open a private browsing window that doesn’t track any of your browsing history, and when you close the browsing session, none of the data is remembered.

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