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End of Windows 7, 8 months on…

As of today, it has been just over 8 months since Microsoft ceased security updates for the Windows 7 operating system. If your computer still runs Windows 7 then it is vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks. Since Windows 7 is now an unsafe place to be, what happens now?

Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft really wants you to be here, Windows 10, and so you should. Windows 10 offers the latest security updates, best technical support, and best software support for every application you’ll ever need to use. The start menu has a unique look & feel, with a Windows 8 appearance, and a Windows 7 feel.

It’s not too late to upgrade! We’re here to help.

Does this mean you’ll need to throw away your PC? No, you do not need to throw it away. Computers running Windows 7 can easily be upgraded to Windows 10, and at Solent Way Computers we can do this for you along with data migration, keeping all of your precious data safe and sound.

If your computer is still running Windows 7 then it is extremely vulnerable to attacks. If you’re interested in upgrading, then don’t hesitate to phone 01329 535 001 or email [email protected] and we can co-operate with you to find a solution.

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