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Clean up your disk space

Microsoft frequently updates Windows 10 with security fixes, where you don’t notice any major changes. Twice a year, Microsoft releases major feature updates with the most recent one being the May 2020, ‘Windows 2004’ update. After any major update, you’ll notice that a large chunk of your disk space has been occupied. This is what’s called a ‘backup’, a copy of your pre-update system to use in case anything goes wrong with your device. If for any reason you want to down-date your system, then I’d stop reading, but if you want your disk space back, which all of us do, then read on.  This guide will teach you how to clean up your disk space.

1. Press the icon in the bottom left of your main display, and then type ‘File Explorer’:

2. Left-click ‘File Explorer’ and then left-click ‘This PC’, then you’ll need to right-click on your hard drive, and in the pop up left-click ‘Properties’:

3. This window will appear, you need to left-click ‘Disk Clean-up’:


4. Select the files you wish to delete, use the scroll bar in the list of files to seek other file sources, we recommend deleting the files in your ‘Recycle Bin’ and this can be taking up a lot of room. After you’ve made your choices and you’re happy, left-click the ‘OK’ button and your disk clean-up will commence:

After this process, you should have more space on your disk as you have deleted a lot of files. If you find that you still don’t have enough space on your disk, then don’t hesitate to phone 01329 535 001, email [email protected], or visit our site based in Lee-on-the-Solent.

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