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Can your Mac run the latest MacOS Ventura release?

The new MacOS Ventura is now available, can your Mac take the new operating system?

Which Mac models can run MacOS Ventura?

As long as you have enough space on your disk, you should be able to automatically upgrade to MacOS Ventura without any trouble. If you are low on available space, or are having issues then feel free to contact us and we can advise or manage the upgrade for you.


MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2018 or later


MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2017 or later



MacBook 2017 or later

Mac mini

Mac mini 2018 or later



iMac 2017 or later


iMac Pro

iMac Pro 2017 or later


Mac Pro

Mac Pro 2019 or later



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Tags: Featured, General News

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